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I am a cyber security student and a future security researcher.

I love computers and computer security a lot. In my free time I can be found reading write ups or watching LiveOverflow’s, John Hammond’s or ippsec’s YouTube content, watching a movie or trying to finish a book I picked up.

I have a good knowledge on networking, APIs and a fair idea of Python which I am continuously learning. I have made some small Python projects available on GitHub.

I am currently delving into network security and offensive Python with BlackHat Python and Attacking Network Protocols

I like to hack machines on TryHackMe and HackTheBox and will occasionally post write ups or interesting stuff here.

I especially love TryHackMe and am currently learning as much as I can from doing their rooms!

Goals for 2021

  • Dive into network attacks and security research
  • Get Comptia Security+ Certified
  • Work in a Network Security Intern / VAPT Intern role
  • Apply (and hopefully participate) in Google’s Summer of Code 2021

These are some relatively broad goals. I will keep updating this list as I complete these or as I figure out more things to achieve this year.